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Welcome to MLM For Men, an MLM review aggregator website.  A website created for men and their partners who love building great teams. It is a blog which will allow affiliates to reach out to prospects actively searching for MLM opportunities without annoying their loved ones.

A few hours of writing will send perpetual leads to your offer. 


Most people fail in MLM because they can not build their business beyond their ‘soft’ targets. Yet, there are thousands of people searching for MLM opportunities everyday. This is were free MLM lead websites comes in. They bring people interested in Multi-level Marketing and Network Marketing together so that they can share opportunities.

Another problem with MLM companies is that, they don’t allow representatives to create their own websites. This makes websites that bash MLMs to flourish while their representative’s hands are tied. MLM Companies For Men was created to enable distributors to fight back.

Here is the deal, l know most distributors don’t know about website creation and Search Engine Optimization. That is where Father MLM comes in. Your, blog posts will be optimized for ranking in search engines and keywords strategically added to the posts.

This website was created a month ago but is already ranking in Google for keywords such as ‘Zennoa product review, Zennoa compansation plan, MLM for men, Exitus Elite Compensation Plan among others.

Why You Should Write Blog About Your Opportunity Here?

Zennoa MLM Review

  • This website has already been indexed by Google and place holding articles are already being ranked.
  • You will not be penalized by your own company.
  • Targeted leads will visit your opportunity even while you sleep.
  • Costs for hosting and maintaining the website will be through advertisements and not your worry.
  • Search engine optimization of your blog will be carried out free of charge (see disclaimer).

How It Works.

This is very important because ONE bad apple can ruin the whole website and ALL our efforts will go up in smoke. If you don’t follow every rule, your post will NOT be published.

1. You must check on the MLM Companies list and if there is no post promoting your company write a review and paste it in the commentary box below.

2. Submitted reviews will be published within 48 hours once they are approved.

3. Reviews MUST meet the following criteria without exception;

  • Original : no spun content or content that was previously published online.
  • Unique : all content will be run through a plagiarism checker (use the free to see how they work).
  •  Only two links to your website will be permitted (NO affiliate links ever).
  • Reviews must be at least 1 000 words long (Google loves great content).
  • Article must be exceptionally of high quality (NO piggish English).
  • They must be written in English (will consider other languages later).
  • Reviews must be objective, you know the program in and out so share the truth.
  • No keyword stuffing, use different names for your opportunity.
  • Direct quotes must be referenced.
  • No pictures will accepted unless you can prove that they are from an authorized source and rules of attribution must be followed.
  • No bad mouthing of other opportunities.

4. You must follow the pre-approved template;

a) What is the opportunity all about? (founders, date started, overview).

b) What is good about the program?

c) What is bad about the program and how it is being solved.

d) Compensation Plan.

(Include link to YouTube video to be posted inside the blog post post.

e) Marketing training, tools and support.

f) Best Business Bureau complaints (how they are being addressed) OPTIONAL.

g) Why it is NOT a scam or pyramid scheme?

h) Conclusion including call to action and link to website.

i) Bonuses…. what are you going to do for your team?

Copy and paste the review in the commentary box below. You will be notified when your blog post goes live. The name of the MLM reviewed will be entered into the list to avoid duplicate posts.

Don’t regret when a review of your opportunity is on the first page of Google. You failed to grab the offer on time.


While posts will optimized for search engines, there is no guarantee that your post will rank highly in the search engines. Your post can be rejected if it is deceitful e.g. claiming healing powers of unapproved products. If you include affiliate links, they will be deleted. Owners of MLM for Men do not endorse any program posted on this website and visitors must exercise their due diligence.

Enter the name of the opportunity that you want to review below and when you will submit the review? This website is for you and any contribution is welcome.


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      Hi James, Feel free to write a detailed review of your offer and l will publish it on this website. Remember to insert links to your affiliate website. Cheers.

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